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I have not been to Copenhagen (though I will be there in November/December), but my grandmother and great-aunt lived there after WW2 before they came to Canada, and I'm trying to locate the place where they worked while living in Copenhagen. And since I'm in the UK right now, and my parents are out of town back home and hence unable to visit my grandmother and great-aunt to ask for me, I'm asking you.

They worked at a fashion house called "Modepalaet" (though I know the spelling there is wrong). I remember I found the company online several years ago, and that they were still in operation at that time, but I don't have the website anymore and none of the spellings I've tried seem to be coming up with anything. But they were quite popular in the 1940s, and the website I found for them several years ago did mention how they had been around that long, so I know I found the right website. But now I can't even find a whisper of them online. So I know I must be missing something in the spelling.

So whether or not they still exist, if someone here knows the company I'm talking about and could give me the proper spelling (and, if they are still around and you know where in Copenhagen, do tell!), that would be very helpful. Thanks!
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